Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Everyone has been "worried" about something at one point or another in their lives. But...

What does the Bible say about worrying? What kinds of things do we worry about?

How should we handle things that make us worry?


  1. The Bible says do not worry. We worry about many things like money, What we wear, what we eat, When we die,the list goes on and on. We should pray if we get worried.

  2. Well if we are worry about doing something we could pray and ask God to make us brave or if we are not healthy and remember that he is with us in everything we do.

  3. dont worry because what ever happens god planned it and knows what will happen, and you cant change gods planns. luke 12:25 also this helps too.

  4. ...........but you should never worry as long as you asked God in your heart.The bible says that you are always protected bcause God is always with us 100% of the time.We worry about alot of things maybe your taking a final or if your going to a speechmeet maybe even your in a play.But if were nervous we should just pray to God to help us through that rough time and we should just not think about it and do our best to get through it