Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Behind Closed Doors...

Things aren't always as they seem...

We see people everyday. We talk with them, interact with them ...but do we really know them? In the last few years I have been shocked and saddened at the number of people who claimed to be Christians, spoke like Christians and even were leaders or taught others about Christianity... but behind closed doors... their lives were anything but Christian.

Eventually, God permits the doors that we close to be opened... and our secret lives are revealed. Sometimes others are hurt by our "secret sins".... other times they are disappointed or let down because we are not who we say we are or who they thought us to be.

Many are fakes, phonies, pretenders... some slip gradually into sin by making wrong choices. Others feel they can lead two lives... that God's grace allows it -He does forgive all we do right? So I can live how I want and God just forgives... ?

If you understand the true character of God, you will know that this is not the way He has mapped out for His children...

So,... who are you behind closed doors?


  1. I am a christian that loves Jesus. He died for me because he loves me and I love him back.

  2. In front of ppl I'm so good but behind the door I need to work on what God wants me to do.

  3. someone who likes too have fun as long as it doesn't hurt others, me, or breaks any rules.